THERE were lots of spooky goings on in North Bradley over the weekend.

Adults and children were out and about wearing some very spook-tacular Halloween costumes and scaring the wits out of their local community.

They were all taking part in the annual North Bradley Peace Memorial Trust’s Pumpkin Trail to raise funds for the village hall and a new play park area.

Residents started the trail at the Peace Memorial Hall and traced its path around the village, using a map to locate 28 letters spelling out the message Have a hauntingly good Halloween.

Along the way, they were faced with some very feely Bushtucker-type trials as they tried to find the letters and spotted the pumpkins on display.

The trail was organised by Hannah Smith and Jude Carter, and Hannah said: “The trail was the best one that we’ve ever done. We had more pumpkins on display this year.

“It was absolutely brilliant. Everybody joined in the fun, despite the dark, the freezing cold weather and the pouring rain towards the end.”

The feely trials included putting your hands in various mixtures of jelly, gunge, chopped up newspapers and conkers to find the letters.

Along the way, trailgoers had to face up to three scary witches, played by Hannah’s mum, Jennie Jeffrey, Nancy Robinson and Francesca John.

People crossing the road were escorted by the Grim Reaper, aka Hannah’s father-in-law, Peter Smith, to help everyone stay safe.

Afterwards, pumpkin-finders were urged to vote for their favourite pumpkin, with a prize for the winner, the Snowman pumpkin made by Liz Holbrook.

Mrs Smith added: “It was fantastic, spooky fun. Everybody got into the swing of things and dressed up. We had about 250 children take part.

“We’re still counting the money but we hope to have raised around a £1,000 for the village hall funds and the play park.”